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Roy Bhaskar has died

Sadly Roy Bhaskar died last Wednesday, 19 November. His scientific ontological & explanatory work warrants detailed study.

From 1993 (Dialectic: The Pulse of Freedom) his work became more difficult to understand – not least coz of his writing style. His metaphysical writings from 2000 came as a great surprise to many, not least to those who used his early work to elaborate arguments that were either anti-capitalist or, for example, put the case that values can be rationally derived from scientific knowledge & rated for their philanthropy/misanthropy, i.e. that values have an existential grounding in the nature of things-in-relations rather than simply being a matter of individual choice.

A useful introduction to the relationship between Marxist ideas & Bhaskar’s critical realist ideas is this by Andrew Brown who draws upon Ilyenkov’s arguments:

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