The need to develop both a Marxian/Marxist & a para-Marxian/Marxist scientific communist politics?

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This obelisk was erected in 1914. Four years later it had a makeover, becoming, with others on 7 November, an inaugural monument of the new society, the names of 19 communists, socialists, anarchists, & atheists engraved upon it: from the top, Marx, Engels, (Wilhelm) Liebknecht, Lassalle, Bebel, Campanella, Meslier, Winstanley, Th. More, Saint-Simon, (Édouard) Vaillant, Fourier, Jaurès, Proudhon, Bakunin, Chernyshevsky, Lavrov, Mikhailovsky, & Plekhanov. The plinth was proudly labelled ‘workers of the world unite’ (in Russian), although above it was ‘RSFSR’, the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic – unintentionally prescient. (Remarkably Vaillant was there even though he supported l’union sacrée, for social peace, whilst France waged war from 1914.)

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Is this the sort of reasoned awareness, openness, that scientific communist politics needs today? Continually invoking Lenin & Trotsky, even Luxemburg or Kautsky, doesn’t seem to get us that far these days. Forget the talk of post-Marxism, a dead end; what we need are the paras: a para-politics of scientific communism alongside Marxian & Marxist ideas & practices. This isn’t to be eclectic, an incoherent mish-mash, just a recognition that our communist politics are grossly inadequate & that hardly anyone in the richer countries listens to us, let alone supports us. A first step is recognising that we are not Marxists as such but aspire to act, think, & feel as scientific communists.

As I said, this piece of stone went up in 1914, just before the start of World War One. And its timing? Well, it was for the tercentenary of the Romanov dynasty – and it bore the names of each of the perpetrators.

~ courtesy of Paul Kulikovsky ~

As Stalinism hit the buffers the Ostalgia elsewhere in Europe has been complemented by the resurrection of older ways in Russia, this re-inauguration of a new block of granite, freshly engraved, on 4 November 2013, the Day of the People’s Unity, for the quadricentenary of Russia’s favourite family.

Воссозданный обелиск в честь 300-летия Дома Романовых открыт в Москве

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All that’s missing is Putin.

But all this makes sense: the year before the park was blessed with a new statue, of the patriarch of the local Jesus cult c. 1600, Germogen (Grecianised as Hermogenes), his own quadricentennial, of his death. It’s all new & dynamic, forward looking, in today’s Russia.

But the point is if we can’t devise an adequate communist politics, not least in the dicey period immediately after a rupture with the capital relation, then lots more lumps of granite will be going here & there, functioning as both pathophors & symbols, not knowing what’s going on around them.


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